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How to celebrate traditional Christmas day in London:

London has undoubtedly the most mouthwatering food options in the world. Let's call it a dreamy place for die-hard food fans. Name a food item and you will find at least 10 restaurants selling it around the street in no time. Globetrotters from around the world visit London to tantalize their taste buds. As a result, unique food combos and different cuisines are huge in demand here.

The topper among all cuisines is none other than spicy and rich in traditional values, the Indian food with matchless aromas and delicious flavours!

What to Try this Festive Season?

Are you tired of the same boring Christmas dinner menu? How about you try something different this festive season that will lift your mood instantly and make you a fan of that food? No more wait, we present you the DELHI GRILL. Delhi Grill has got the first rank on the list of best Indian restaurants in London offering a festive menu for Christmas.

Read below for Delhi Grill's top picks!

1) Kickstart with Appetizers

Delhi Grill offers food that has endless variety and a mix of unique flavours. Begin your festive dinner with one bite starters to give your tastebuds a hint of Indian cuisine.

● Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a small parcel served with a spicy coriander infusion.

● Fish Pakora

A bite-sized fish fried in a spicy batter.

● Vegetable Samosa

A blend of mashed potatoes and peas, served with a sauce to enhance flavours.

2) Traditional Main Course

Indian cuisine is renowned for the flavourful curries that make one spellbound with its powerful aroma. Delhi Grill has a wide variety of curries and grilled food for you to try this Christmas. Even if you are a picky person, it’s a challenge to try Indian food once and you will forget other cuisines!

● Spicy Butter Chicken

Marinated chicken gently simmered in butter and chillies. This curry is prepared with homemade butter to boast the taste of the dish. Fresh chicken is marinated in herbs and special Indian spices to cook the authentic butter chicken curry.

● Lamb Biryani

If you are a lamb lover, this dish is exclusively for you. Firstly, Lamb meat is marinated with secret ingredients. Then, the meat is slowly cooked to make it fully tender. A special rice type ‘’Basmati’’, i.e. famously used in most of the authentic Indian rice recipes, is then added. Lamb biryani is served with a ‘’raita’’, a mixture of yoghurt and herbs. And then you become a fan of it.

3) Sweet Cravings

How can we forget to fulfil your sweet cravings? Delhi Grill offers desserts with a modern twist. Try top Indian dessert ‘’Gajar Halwa’’ along with Cornish ice cream or hot ‘’Gulab Jamun’’ dipped in sweet syrup to treat yourself!

Contact Delhi Grill:

We really hope you try Indian cuisine at Delhi Grill this Christmas and keep coming back to try out our scrumptious menu. From delicious bar-b-q to the spicy curries and piping hot ‘’naan’’ from the baking oven to the yummiest desserts, Delhi Grill is not to miss out!

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